J48Consolidated: An implementation of CTC algorithm for WEKA

This page contains the complete material related to the J48Consolidated classifier, an implementation of the CTC algorithm for WEKA.

Below you can find all information related to the most recent update (v3.1, February 2016) done on this implementation.

To access to previous versions:


March 2013


June 2014

v3.1, February 2016 (the last update)

We just have updated the technical information related to the last paper this class is based on, since it was definitely published.

Igor Ibarguren and Jesús M. Pérez and Javier Muguerza and Ibai Gurrutxaga and Olatz Arbelaitz. "Coverage-based resampling: Building robust consolidated decision trees". Knowledge Based Systems (2015), Vol. 79, pp 51-67. doi:10.1016/j.knosys.2014.12.023

This page contains the material related to "An update of the J48Consolidated WEKA's class: CTC algorithm enhanced with the notion of coverage".

Last modification: 2016/02/12