Complete results and complementary material for the article "An extensive comparative study of cluster validity indices"

This page contains the complete results and complemetary material related to the experiments presented in "Olatz Arbelaitz, Ibai Gurrutxaga, Javier Muguerza, Jesús M. Pérez and Iñigo Perona, An extensive comparative study of cluster validity indices, Pattern Recognition, Vol. 46, Issue 1, January 2013, pp. 243-256. It is available online at

The material available in this web is in the format used by the R Project (, which is a GNU project freely available. It runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms (including FreeBSD and Linux), Windows and MacOS. Although it is not necessary, we recommend some basic knowledge of the R environment for a better interaction with the data.

All the material available is gathered in a compressed file containing two files:

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Last modification: 2017/07/12